Communication is vital in emergency situations

Ham Radio is one of the original social networks. One of the main attractions of Amateur Radio is communication – by possessing a Ham Radio license, operators also possess a means to communicate for free with a large international community. 

Ham Radio is often the only communication method still operating when there is an emergency. During an emergency such as earthquake, fires, or floods, cell phone towers often shut down, electricity may go down, cell phones, radios, television broadcasting are often disrupted. A Ham Radio is still the one system that continues to operate when all other communication devices fail.

Ham-Cram Classes

Your Ham Radio License in Only One Day

This is an all-day class, from 8:30 AM-5 PM

Sessions subject to last minute cancellation. Check back just before attending. Scheduled classes are listed below.

For details, go to

San Luis Obispo -- Sheriff's Auditorium 

January 18, 2020

July 18, 2020

Santa Maria -- Marian Medical Center

April 18, 2020

NCS-CC Radio Club Meetings

New California Central Coast Radio Club

Coming Soon!!!

Amateur Radio is part of the storyline in the ABC television series Last Man Standing, starring Tim Allen.

How do I become a Ham Radio operator?

  1. Obtain your FRN Federal radio number at the FCC website.

  2. Join a "ham cram" session to obtain your Technician license. This qualifies you to communicate on a Ham Radio (see below for "ham cram" sessions on the Central Coast.

  3. Purchase an "entry-level" Ham Radio

  4. Start meeting with us to begin learning how to broadcast!

  5. You can join a local Ham Radio Club. They have regular meetings and are always looking for new Hams:

    1. Estero Radio Club, SLO​

    2. W6AB Satellite Amateur Radio Club, Santa Maria

NCS HAM Radio Club

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